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Promoted Content 25 July

The Wonderskin approach that created a TikTok hit

How a two-year-old brand used TikTok creators and smart ad analysis to change its fortunes. 

Promoted Content 23 December

"We need to make privacy transparent and simple to understand"

Integrating data effectively and in a privacy-safe way formed part of a panel discussion at Performance Marketing World’s Insight Series. Here are the key takeaways…

Promoted Content 17 December

Digital demand tracker: Luxury fashion, beauty and homeware brands lead the way as we prepare for Christmas

Performance Marketing World, in partnership with MediaVision, brings you our bi-weekly Digital Demand Tracker – a look at the companies and sectors receiving the largest growth in online searches, and the reasons why.

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Promoted Content 1 December

How activewear retailer Squatwolf boosted ROI by 74% with Meta

Meta dynamic ads helped to increase return on investment at a time when supply chains meant other e-commerce brands struggled to even deliver on orders.