The road to effectiveness: How can AI boost your marketing ROI?

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In 2023, Performance marketeers have a lot to contend with in an increasingly disruptive world: an uncertain economic climate, continuous digital fragmentation and the imminent death of the third-party cookie. But what’s really keeping them up at night is the challenge to accurately measure, prove and optimise marketing effectiveness. In fact, only 10% of marketers say they have the right tools to measure ROI despite it being deemed of utmost importance to nearly all of them.
The latest innovations in artificial intelligence may hold the solution. At its most effective, AI can now forecast sales, increase speed to market and improve ROI by 20-40%.
Join this Performance Marketing World webinar, produced in partnership with Kantar, to discover how the latest tech innovations can show marketers exactly where to focus their spend in order to get the best return.
Our expert panel will cover:
• Challenges in the road of effectiveness for marketeers
• AI-powered solution in measurement and optimisation
• A case study

About Kantar – Kantar is the world’s leading marketing data and analytics business and an indispensable brand partner to the world’s top companies. We combine the most meaningful attitudinal and behavioural data with deep expertise and advanced analytics to uncover how people think and act. We help clients understand what has happened and why and how to shape the marketing strategies that shape their future.  

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