From challenge to opportunity: Underlining the critical role partnership marketing should play in your marketing mix

In this live webinar with Partnerize and Otrium, we discuss the strategies brands are using to realise the power of the partnership channel

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For today’s marketer, partnerships have emerged as an extraordinary growth channel and a powerful way to enhance brand equity. While the socio-economic uncertainties of recent years validated the pay for performance model, leading brands and marketers realise that performance marketing isn’t just for times of uncertainty. It’s an evergreen and stand-out solution. 

As shoppers have become harder to reach and more sceptical of traditional marketing approaches, a growing number of brands have looked to performance partnerships as a means of driving strong growth while simultaneously enhancing brand meaning. Join the webinar to take a deeper dive into the world of partner marketing. You will learn:

  • how to establish powerful and lasting partnership relationships based on clear objectives, rewards and metrics;
  • how brands can turn current market challenges into an opportunity for revenue growth through the partnership channel;
  • the key factors that indicate a brand is ready to explore the partnership channel;
  • how leading brands like Otrium have generated multi-million-pound revenues from partner marketing;
  • the winning strategies and capabilities that deliver the competitive advantage to drive success.

Hear from Partnerize as well as brands that have found success with partnership marketing – how did they overcome the challenges and how do they plan for the future?

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