How to rocket fuel your attribution strategy in a cookieless world

Attribution is the engine room of marketing – it drives our spend, our insight and our effectiveness. When it’s done well, when you can trust the data in front of you; you have a core, essential competitive advantage.
With the impending removal of cookies on the horizon - what will be the impact on your ability to gain a single source of truth to drive growth?

PMWorld, in partnership with Corvidae, hosts a webinar that explores what really works when it comes to building successful attribution models – and what doesn’t.

We look at the strategies and tech that drive growth and the methods and misconceptions that hold it back.

Join us for an insightful hour of discussion in which we get the inside track on a new, advanced-level attribution model and find out how brands are making the most of it.

Among other things, we identify how to… 

  • Identify wasted spend to boost ROI
  • Develop a true picture of the customer journey
  • Futureproof your analytics for the cookieless future